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EZPC are authorised HaloPSA partners, offering a wide range of setup, migration and maintenance services. Everything from initial licensing and setup, along with bespoke consulting services, tailored for your business. Leaving you to get on with the more important stuff!

Why Choose EZPC?

At EZPC we have a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and technical support to all our customer. We have both the experience and the infrastructure to get you up and running fast, without the usual headaches.

Whether you purchase our initial licensing and consultancy package, our white glove package or opt for a more ad-hoc package you can be sure that we have the expertise to see your migration through to the end.

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HaloPSA in a Nutshell

“It was refreshing to talk with a person who genuinely was concerned with answering our questions and making sure Halo was a good fit and just not pushing a hard sell. We had looked at several other PSAs and the some of the sales people felt like pushy used car salesmen.”



“I appreciated that [EZPC] was quick and to the point, answered the questions I had, showed me important things in Halo, and did a great job getting me what I needed to move forward quickly.”



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Virtual Admin

Virtual Admin is designed for successful companies that simply do not have time to maintain their Halo on their own. New contract type? New Report? New process you need? Raise a request to EZPC and it will be done.

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